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Home > City Services > Blocks Clubs Or Tenant Council > How to Register With CAO?

How to Register With CAO?

After you successfully organized your first meeting, you're well on your way to becoming a visible and viable asset to your community. The next step is to register your block club with United Neighborhoods and The Board Of Block Clubs of Buffalo and Erie County. Then you should begin working with your Council member, community leaders and the police to ensure that community needs are met.

  • Block Clubs may register with United Neighborhoods for free with a limit of 200 copies per Month but if you need copying services for up to 1,000 copies per month, we suggest: THE ELITE MEMBERSHIP, which has expanded copying benefits for twenty-five dollars per year.
  1. Certificate of registration - A beautiful certificate of registration along with its registered number-shall be given as evidence of being a member registered with United Neighborhoods. Your organization wil! be placed on our mailing list to receive literature of interest to block clubs and community activists.
  2. CAO Staff Specialist - One of our staff specialists will organize your Block Club or Tenant Council, design headers and logos for your newsletters and fliers and assist you with obtaining speakers for your meetings. He/she will also create a set of bylaws geared to the specific needs of your group, if your appointed bylaws committee has difficulty creating them. Our Staff Specialists are a valuable "tool" for your organization to use and are looking forward to working with your group to help create a strong, safe, and healthy community.
  3. Computer training course - Classes in Microsoft's operating system Windows, Word/Works, the internet and Quicken are offered for a nominal fee.
  4. Copying and faxing- Block Clubs are allowed a maximum of 200 copies per month, in black and white (or on colored paper). Free Faxing to local newspapers or government agencies to promote your club's activities..
  5. Meeting room - Our Boardroom, which accommodates 25 people, is available to groups in need of meeting space. Free coffee and tea is provided.
  6. Computer usage - Our computers are available for your group to use to design newsle~ers and fliers. Internet access is also available to you for your researching needs