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Home > City Services > Blocks Clubs Or Tenant Council > How to Work with Stakeholders?

How to Work with Stakeholders?

  1. Working With The Community- Who Should Be Involved
    • Neighbors, Tenants, Homeowners, Area Businesses and Religious Leaders are all stakeholders in the community.
    • Find Tasks that fit a persons' abilities and personality.
    • Involve neighborhood children (eg. Great American Clean Up) National Night Out block party or work for the elderly.
    • Make your organization visible.
  2. Working With The Police
    • Get to know your local police and their liaison person.
    • Invite them to a meeting, and explain the problems or issues.
    • Realize that they may be understaffed.
    • Request Crime Watch Training from law enforcement agencies.
    • Petition for Crime Watch Signs.
  3. Working With City Hall
    • Set up a meeting with your local representative.
    • Work through their Legislative Assistant. It is very important to establish a working relationship with them. Remember, these are your representatives.
    • Meet with municipal agencies-such as building and health inspectors.