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Home > City Services > Blocks Clubs Or Tenant Council > Why a Tenant Council?

Why a Tenant Council?

United Neighborhoods
326 High Street Buffalo, New York 14204
Phone - (716) 882 -7814
Fax - (716) 882 -7554

  • To insure the safety of the residents
  • To communicate with residents
  • To plan and implement activities
  • To keep the property values up
  • To seek funding for beautification and other projects
  • Tenants have the opportunity to have a voice in the city government by .getting together to form a council, which will have more strength in putting forth concerns than a single person
  • To abide by the rules of municipal housing in which they reside
  • To attend meetings
  • To Volunteer to help when needed
  • To use their special talents to the benefit of the Council
  • To pay the annual dues (if applicable)