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Home > City Departments > Citizens Services > 311 Call and Resolution Center > Frequently Asked Questions


What is 311?

  • 311 is a simple three digit number residents, businesses and visitors can call to reach the City to get information, request services and report problems. From requesting a replacement garbage tote to reporting a stray dog in your neighborhood and a whole lot more, 311 is ready to help.  (back to top)

Why was 311 created?

  • The 311 service is part of an ongoing effort by the City of Buffalo to provide access to City government easier and more responsive to the needs of residents, business owners and visitors. (back to top)

Who can call 311?

  • Anyone within the Buffalo city limits area can call 311 free of charge from a land or cellular telephone (however, pay phone and cellular phone airtime charges do apply). (back to top)

When can I call 311?

  • Customer service representatives are available during the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday- Friday. However, you can leave a message after working hours and an operator will enter the call for you the next business day. (back to top)

What if I need to call 311 from outside the city limits?

  • People outside of the City of Buffalo city limits, including cell phone users, can reach 311 customer service representatives by calling 716-851-4890.(back to top)

Is it a free service?

  • There is no charge for using 311. There is also no additional service assessment or fee that will be collected for 311 by your phone company. However, this is not a free call for pay phone users. Also, depending on your plan, your cellular phone company may charge minutes for this call. (back to top)

When do I use 311, and when do I use 911?

  • The 911 service is for emergencies, such as house fires and crimes in progress that require an immediate response by police, fire crews, or an ambulance. For all other city services, call 3-1-1. (back to top)