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Office of City Clerk

ChwalinskiDescription of Services

  • Prepare, certify and maintain a journal of the proceedings of the Common Council and publish it in the manner prescribed by ordinance
  • Record every ordinance enacted by the Common Council
  • Record every Local Law and notify the State Comptroller and Secretary of State of changes in the City Charter
  • Notify the Commissioner of Board of Elections if a local law is subject to referendum
  • Give notice in writing to every officer of his election or appointment and of the amount of the official bond or undertaking required
  • Publish all notices, advertising matters or proceedings required by ordinance or law
  • Issue marriage licenses and keep permanent records thereof
  • Issue dog licenses and keep records thereof
  • Issue Birth and death certificates and keep permanent records thereof
  • File disclosure statements per Chapter VIII, Sec. 90 - Code of Ethics

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Department Head:
Gerald Chwalinski

1308 City Hall, Buffalo, NY 14202

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