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Building Code

The Building Code in effect is the 2016 New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code. This code is the International family of codes with the New York State adaptions. The 2015 International family of building codes are published by the International Codes Council.

The NYS law is title 19 chapter XXXIII subsection A for the International Family of Building codes except Energy code and subsection B for the Energy Code. The International codes are ‘publications incorporated by reference’ and the supplement is part of the law.

The International Property Maintenance Code with the New York supplement applies to all buildings.

The International Residential Building Code with the New York supplement applies only to one and two family buildings being built or repaired. (This is a stand-alone code)   (Appendix J for existing one and two-family buildings is completely replaced in the NYS supplement)

The International Existing Building Code with the New York supplement applies to all other buildings being repaired or altered.

The International Building Code with the New York supplement applies to all other buildings being built new or the actual repair work plus additions on existing buildings.

The New York State Plumbing, Fuel Gas, Mechanical, and Energy Code(s) with the New York supplement are their respective codes for the subject(s). The code for electrical work is through the electrical chapter (only one page) in the Building Code that refers to the 2014 NFPA 70 or the National Electrical Code.

The City Code (zoning) is actually a collection of Building and Maintenance ordinances from the City Charter - mainly Section 103 – plus the Zoning or land use ordinances found in Green code. Zoning is performed by the permit office and the planning board. Plan review checks for conformance to the drawings approved by the planning board.       

Local standards: 48” frost depth, 90MPH wind speed, 50lbs ground snow load

Contact information:

Peter Klemann
hief of Plan Review 

Information on the status of ongoing plan reviews:

John Caputo