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MIS Team


Job Title/Positions:


 Barnes, Kenneth

 Chief Information Officer

 Overall Administration of  Day to Day
 operations of the Department.

 Barone, Peter

 Supervisor of Data Processing Operations

 Hardware and Communications

 Springer, Daryl

 Supervisor of Data Processing Operations

 Software and Help Desk

 Amos, Jason

 Sr Operations Communications  

 Hardware & Software Installation and
 Maintenance.  PC Upgrades.

 Barker, Kathryn

 Computer Programmer

 311 Support, CRM Support

 Colern, Mark

 Systems Support Analyst

 VOIP System, Network Hardware

 Conlee, Chris

 GIS Specialist/Analyst

 Map creation, modeling & analysis
 (Enterprise) GIS System including administrative duties & support
 Support for GIS components:  ArchiBus, DPW Plow GPS services, Pictometry, Hansen, RPS
 Programming & support for City of Buffalo property viewer

 Degennaro, Thomas

 Computer Shift Supervisor

 Data Center Operations Supervision,
 Payroll Processing, Data Backup

 Doverspike, Kenneth

 Computer Operator

 Afternoon Shift Operation

 Edwards, Richele Computer Operator

 Morning Shift Operation

 Honrado, Frank

 Systems Analyst

 Administration of Web Servers and
 Web Site Administration of City's
 Web Site and City's Intranet Site. 
 Web applications support and

 Lucas, Corrina

 Computer Programmer

 Software support for Tax & Assessment and Outlook

 Marshall, Karen

 Systems Administrator

 Team Leader of Permit & Inspections
 Software Support Team - Managing
 Business Licenses, Housing
 Inspections, Permits, Land
 Management, Development Project

 McCrea, Crystal

 Computer Programmer

 Support of  Financial System, Time &
  Attendance System, Payroll
 Processing.   Preparing User

 Miranda, Helen

Senior Data Processing Equipment Operator

Help Desk Support

 O'Rourke, Mary

 Coordinator of Office Automation

 Microsoft Office Software Support

 Richardson, Herbert

 Systems Analyst

 Network Security, Virus protection,
 Support for Outlook, Exchange 
 Server & Blackberry Server

 Rice, Ronisha

Senior Data Processing Equipment Operator

Help Desk Support

 Sanfilippo, Janet

 Systems Analyst

 WebSite Support, Team Leader of Parking Dept, Fleet Maintenance

 Sciolino, Thomas

 Systems Administrator

 Team Leader of  Financial System
 Software Support Team - Managing,
 Payroll, General Ledger, Accounts
 Receivable, Budgeting and
 Personnel.  In charge of  Financial
 System Security and development of
 interfaces between Financial System
 and other software applications. 

 Seguin, James

 Systems Administrator

 In charge of network security, internet
 access, Microsoft Office products

 Somma, Muriel

 Senior Data Processing Equipment

 Helpdesk Support
 Data Entry, Payroll Processing

 Springer, Paul

 System Support Analyst

 Treasury Teller Application,
 Employee Benefits, Share Point

 Straniese, Joe

 Systems Analyst

 Permit & Inspections software, E-
 Permits,  Reporting Support

 Szymanski, Michele

 Senior Data Processing Equipment

 Data Entry, Payroll Processing

 Zingorenko, Peter

 Systems Analyst

 User Fee Billing & Receivable,
 Microsoft Access Development, 
 Permit & Inspection Software
 Support, Civil Service Support