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“We are very excited to offer this free service to City of Buffalo residents in an attempt to encourage responsible electronic recycling,” said Mayor Byron W. Brown.   Read More...

Do Your Part, Buffalo. RECYCLE!
ATTENTION: The City of Buffalo will remain on a weekly recycling pick-up schedule until further notice.


34andMORE Buffalo Recycles


Acceptable Materials to Recycle

  •  PAPER
    • Paperboard (No wax coated paperboard)
    • Office Paper & Junk Mail (Envelopes, Flyers, Brochures, Postcard, etc.)
    • Newspaper (Remove bags, strings & rubber bands)
    • Phone Books (All types & sizes)
    • Magazines & Catalogs (All types & sizes)
    • Milk & Juice Cartons (Empty containers only)
    • Cardboard, Pizza Boxes & Paper Bags (Flatten cardboard. Remove wax paper & food residue from pizza boxes)
    • All category 1-7 household plastics (Empty containers only)
    • Plastic Jugs/Bottles
    • Ridgid Plastics

    • Aluminum Cans (Empty cans only)                                                                                                                                            
    • Kitchen Cookware (Metal pots, pans, tins & utensils)
    • Steel & Tin Cans (Empty cans only)
    • Glass (Clear & colored)

Unacceptable Items

  • No Styrofoam containers/packing
  • No garbage
  • No propane tanks
  • No paint cans
  • No medical waste/syringes
  • No flammable liquids
  • No household cleaners
  • No chemicals (dry or liquid)
  • No wood items
  • No concrete
  • No garden hose
  • No electrical cords
  • No “wet strength” paperboard, to include; fridge and freezer, and pop/beer case packaging.

Important Tips When Putting Out Recyclables

  • Residents must rinse/clean containers before putting into recycling cart.
  • If additional recycling capacity is needed, set out clear plastic bags of recyclables next to your recycling tote.
  • Residents should place the recycling cart at the curb so the lid arrows face the street.
  • No sorting is necessary. All recyclable materials can go into the same cart.
  • If your recycling is missed, please call 311.

The same laws for garbage carts also apply to your new recycling cart.


The City of Buffalo’s Free Electronics Recycling Facility is now open for city residents at 1120 Seneca Street.