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Lets Do This Recycling Initiative

Over the next four weeks, members of your Block Club will be working in the neighborhood to encourage residents to participate in the City of Buffalo curbside recycling program.  If you are recycling now, step it up and make sure everything that is recyclable is making it into the Green Tote!  If you aren’t recycling, this is a great time to start!  Block Clubs that show an increase will receive $100 worth of materials to beautify the neighborhood.  And the winning Block Club will receive the materials AND a shredding event AND a Planter or Community Garden kit! 
OK Buffalo!  Let’s DO This!

The following Block Clubs have registered for Let’s DO This! 

  • Academy/St. Mary’s Block Club
  • Armory Hill Association
  • Bickford Edith & Alice Block Club
  • Bird-Herkimer Block Club
  • Bissell Avenue Block Club #3
  • Blaine Avenue Block Club #1
  • Bury the Violence
  • Central Park Homeowners Association
  • Community Assistance Organization of Bflo
  • Cottage District Safety Committee
  • Courtland Avenue United Block Club
  • Dorchester Road West Assn
  • East Lovejoy Coalition of Neighbors
  • Fargo Estate Neighborhood Association
  • H.E.A.P. Alliance Association ( Harlow, Elsie, Ada, & Purdy),
  • Hamlin Road Block Club
  • Highgate 456 Block Club
  • (Middle) Highland Avenue
  • Highland Avenue Block Club
  • Hodge Avenue Homeowners Association
  • Indian Orchard Block Club
  • Kleinhans Community Association
  • Montrose Avenue Block Club
  • Mortimer-Spring Block Association
  • Neighborhood Voice Community Assn
  • Northland CUSHION
  • Oxford Square Block Club
  • PLDG West Community Association
  • Reed St & 11 Streets Block Club
  • Roebling Avenue Block Club
  • Roosevelt Block Club
  • Seneca-Babcock Community Block Club
  • Shirley Avenue Block Club #1
  • Square Block Club (the)
  • Triangle Block Club
  • United Voices-Atlantic-W. Utica Block Club
  • University Park Historic District
  • Valley Neighborhood Watch Alliance
  • VETTE Block Club
  • Vermont Triangle Block Club
  • Walden Heights Community Block Club
  • West Woodside Block Club
  • Willowlawn Block Club