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SOS Procedures

  1. The SOS Task Force receives complaints from law enforcement agencies, inspections department, block clubs or individual residents, community organizations, property managers and various other sources.  The Coordinator attempts to get as many details from the caller as possible (time of most activity; names and descriptions of individuals; type of drug being sold; cars and license plate numbers; whether children are involved or present on the property; physical condition of house; location of most activity - upper, lower or rear units, etc.)
  2. 911 report and search warrant history on property is requested from BPD.
  3. The owner of the property is then notified and meets with the SOS Landlord Interviewing Committee (SOS Corrdinator, AUSA, ADA, CPO, Detective from Housing); the purpose is to assist the landlord with removing any bad tenants and helping him get good tenants in the future by teaching him good landlord skills.  Landlord Training Program to begin in the Spring 2001.
  4. If the landlord is cooperative, then SOS will continue to monitor progress at property for up to one year.
  5. If the landlord is not cooperative, then SOS will pursue other options such as Bawdy House or Nuisance abatement actions (via Lenora Foote and City of Buffalo Law Dept.), issuing a subpoena via NYS Attorney General's Office, or federal forfeiture via the U.S. Attorneys Office.
  6. SOS also will work with various agencies to help landlords who need financial assistance for rehab on their properties, or finding responsible buyers for landlords who want to sell their property.
  7. SOS will also assist parents who have problem children and want to commerce P.I.N.S. petitions, or refer child neglect/abuse cases to CPS.