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CitiStat Buffalo


To ask CitiStat a question:
:  (716) 851-6506

Media requests:

Contact:  Lorey Schultz, Deputy Director of Communications and Marketing
Phone:  (716) 851-5545

To watch CitiStat click here:

At the beginning of his 2005 mayoral campaign, candidate Byron Brown announced one of the top priorities of his mayoral administration would be ensuring greater accountability and efficiency in the management and delivery of city services to the residents of Buffalo.  After his election, Mayor Brown identified CitiStat, a management tracking initiative, as the best system to meet that goal. 

CitiStat was founded in Baltimore, Maryland and in New York City (CompStat).    To gain a better understanding of CitiStat and to see firsthand how the system works, Mayor Brown led a fact-finding trip to Baltimore in early March 2006 where he met with then Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley and key senior staff directly involved with the day-to-day oversight and management of CitiStat.  Mayor Brown and his staff observed several CitiStat meetings and were afforded an opportunity to see the direct impact of the successful management tracking system.

Upon returning to Buffalo, Mayor Brown reiterated his commitment to implement CitiStat Buffalo and directed his staff to work a to implement the management tracking initiative which came on-line six months into the Mayor’s tenure as the 58th Mayor of the City of Buffalo.

 Currently 14 city departments including the Buffalo Sewer Authority are now fully engaged in the CitiStat Buffalo meetings.

CitiStat Buffalo Process

  • CitiStat Buffalo is overseen by a review panel of senior Brown Administration members, including:
    • Mayor
    • First Deputy Mayor
    • Corporation Counsel
    • Commissioner of Administration, Finance, Policy and Urban Affairs

City of Buffalo department or division heads come to a CitiStat Buffalo meeting weekly and appear before the CitiStat Buffalo Review Panel.  Prior to each meeting, the specific department or division is required to submit data to the CitiStat Buffalo team of analysts, covering a broad range of information.  For instance, Division of Citizen Services submits information on activities such as Mayor’s Impact Team clean-ups, Clean Sweep activities to the number of leave, sick or vacation time used by Division employees. 

  • After the data is received, the CitiStat Buffalo team analyzes the information and prepares the presentation for the meeting.  Using GIS mapping and quantitative charts, the analysts for CitiStat Buffalo provide pinpointed information to the review panel detailing where services are being provided (or not) throughout the city.
  • Accurate and timely information is critical to the success of the CitiStat Buffalo process.  The CitiStat Buffalo analysts are responsible for ensuring the data is accurate by reviewing it, questioning those that have submitted the material, randomly checking cases and possibly conducting field investigations.
  • The CitiStat Buffalo analysts are also responsible for comparing the information with data received during the prior reporting period and formulating questions designed to explain the data and highlight potential problem areas.  The team then prepares briefing materials for the Mayor and the other members of the CitiStat Buffalo Review Panel.

Policies and Procedures
CitiStat Buffalo is a management accountability initiative designed to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery in all City of Buffalo departments.

To that end, it is imperative that accurate and reliable information be provided to the CitiStat Buffalo analysts, who, in turn, submit the material to the CitiStat Buffalo Review Panel members.

There will be instances when sensitive issues are discussed openly and candidly between the division/department heads and the Review Panel members.

To ensure confidentiality, the following procedures will be in place at all CitiStat Buffalo meetings:

  • Media wishing to attend the meetings must contact the Mayor’s Office of Communications to request attendance at any meeting.
  • Media attending CitiStat Buffalo meetings agree not to publish specific names of personnel reviewed during a given meeting (Statistical information, however, will be available following every CitiStat Buffalo meeting.)
  • Given the CitiStat Buffalo’s room size constraints, members of the general public wishing to attend meetings must contact CitiStat to sign-up prior to the meetings.  Attendance availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Additional questions and requests for information can be directed to the CitiStat Buffalo Office at 851-6506.

Contact Us...

Director of CitiStat:
Martha Meegan


Phone:  (716) 851-4172

Office Address:
226 City Hall
65 Niagara Square
Buffalo NY 14202


Kirk McLean


Phone:  (716) 851-4859