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Home > Our City > Buffalo My City > Buffalo My City Watercolors > 08-A Parkside Candy (1990)

08-A Parkside Candy (1990)

Narrative by - David M. Rote
(Narratives are copyrighted)

The original outlet and first "shoppe" of Parkside Candy Company was at Main and W. Oakwood Streets and was the vision of the Kaiser family. Here candies, which were made during the evening hours - along with ice cream, sodas and sandwiches - were served to the delight of friends and patrons alike.

After World War I, through the twenties and the great depression of the thirties, corner soda and ice cream parlours sprang up around the country and became great social gathering places and oft-times musical entertainment was supplied by a Wurlitzer "nickelodian", made in Buffalo's neighbor, North Tonawanda.

A few years after opening the first "shoppe", Parkside Candy Company built a new "daylight" candy-making plant at Main and Winspear in the University Heights section of Buffalo directly behind their new ice cream parlour with its Art Deco/Adam style interior designed by Buffalo architect G. Morton Wolfe. Parkside Candy Shoppe is still serving up delightfully fresh candies and ice cream as well as luncheons of soup and sandwiches. Over the years other confectionary emporiums have appeared around the city following Parkside Candy's lead.

In 1983, the film "The Natural", an adaptation of Bernard Malamud's novel and starring Robert Redford and Glenn Close, was filmed in Buffalo. The production staff had been searching for a location for the summertime scenes which would authentically recapture the time and spirit of the 1930's as the home of the fictional New York Knights baseball team. Buffalo was "a natural", utilizing the Main and Oakwood Parkside Candy Shoppe location as well as All-High Stadium behind Bennett High School, the Ellicott Square Building and old War Memorial Stadium in various movie scenes. In August of 1993, a special 10 year reunion took place at the presently named North AmeriCare Park (see 19-A), home of the real-life Buffalo Bisons, bringing together many of the local Buffalo citizens who had a part to play in the making of the movie. Included was a reenactment of the dramatic homerun conclusion by Redford's movie character, Roy Hobbs.