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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2008 Archives > November 2008 > Mayor Brown Announces Capital Budget Improvements For North Buffalos Lafay

Mayor Brown Announces Capital Budget Improvements For North Buffalos Lafayette Ice Rink

Office of the Mayor
Peter K. Cutler
Director of Communications

Proposed Investment Marks Approximately $200,000 in Infrastructure Improvements

Mayor Byron W. Brown today announced approximately $200,000 in city-funded capital improvements to the Lafayette Ice Rink, which marks the first significant infrastructure improvements to the sports facility since it was opened in 1989. The Mayor was joined Don Morris, president of the North Buffalo Community Center and its executive director, Debbie Cielencki. The North Buffalo Community Center is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ice rink.

Earlier this year, the Mayor announced that the city would provide $20,000 in capital funds for the construction of a new Zamboni cement pad and drainage system, which ensured that no dirt would be tracked onto the rink’s ice surface.

Today, Mayor Brown announced that his recently submitted 2009 Capital Budget recommendations to the Common Council includes $168,000 for the installation of new ice rink dasher boards and protective glass in the Lafayette Rink.

“These capital budget funds – both the $20,000 allocated earlier this year and the proposed $168,000 appropriation – mark the first significant infrastructure improvements made to the Lafayette Rink since it opened 19 years ago,” said Mayor Brown. “This is a vital recreational facility for North Buffalo and I’m pleased that the Citizens Planning Council agreed that this is a worthy project to fund through the capital budget process. Our residents’ quality of life is a priority of my Administration and this is an important athletic facility that provides thousands of our city’s residents the opportunity to skate, play hockey and stay active.”

On May 21st, Mayor Brown announced that the city would fund the pouring of a new concrete outdoor pad for the rink’s Zamboni, which had previously driven out of the rink onto mud and broken up pavement to dump snow from rink cleaning operations.  Inevitably, the Zamboni would track debris back onto the rink and it would cause delays in rink cleaning and ice time for hockey teams renting the rink. 

Ice-time rentals at Lafayette Rink provide a major source of revenue to the North Buffalo Community Center, so it’s important to eliminate problems like the Zamboni always tracking debris back onto the ice surface and to upgrade the building’s sports-related infrastructure.