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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2009 Archives > December 2009 > Concord Textile To Create Jobs And ‘GREEN’ Products On East Side

Concord Textile To Create Jobs And ‘GREEN’ Products On East Side

Contact: Peter K. Cutler

‘Green’ products for garment cleaning industry to be manufactured in East Side building; Agreement with Swedish Appliance Maker ASKO will Fabricate Washing Machines

Concord Textile Care Products announced today that they will be creating a new line of ‘wet-cleaning products.’ as 100% non toxic alternatives to the polluting dry cleaning solvent perchloroethylene (PERC). Concord is investing $1.4 million in refurbishing and fitting out their production space at 144 Urban Street will be the site of new “green collar” manufacturing jobs.

“The City of Buffalo is proud to support the creation of new “green collar” manufacturing jobs and an environmentally innovative approach that could transform clothes cleaning on Main Streets everywhere.” said Byron Brown, Mayor of Buffalo.  “We are pleased to announce Concord has been approved for $1.1 million in Empire Zone benefits and Commercial Revitalization Deductions (CRD), a tax credit for businesses in this Renewal Community.  CRDs are utilized for qualified revitalization expenditures chargeable to a capital account.  Empire State Development Corporation has awarded the project a $275,000 capital grant for the facility.
These tax credits helped support Concord Textile’s development of its proprietary process to replace hazardous dry-cleaning chemicals with other, safer compounds.  The new products use water and soap to clean garments, instead of toxic chemicals. The toxic chemical PERC is responsible for billions of dollars of urban environmental contamination, negative human health effects and the pollution of waterways, including the Great Lakes. It is being phased out in coming years by many state environmental regulators.

Concord Textile has also set up a training facility at 144 Urban Street to instruct workers from cleaning companies in the use of the new cleaning agents.  They expect to train 10-30 workers a month from around the country.

“This project is quite significant in many regards,” said Empire State Development Chairman & CEO, designate, Dennis M. Mullen.  “First, Concord Textile is poised to be the leader in supplying the garment care industry with innovative, green cleaning compounds and machines that stand to revolutionize the industry.  Second, this type of investment will not only help stimulate the local economy with such innovation and the creation of several good-paying jobs, but what’s more, it will also be a cornerstone for positive community development in a historically impoverished section of Buffalo’s East Side.  It is exactly these kinds of win-win projects that are important for New York State to capitalize on.  I am very pleased that ESD could be a part of such an important investment for both Concord Textile and for the City of Buffalo.”

In addition to environmental benefits, the new ‘green’ line of products is economically advantageous.  “This investment comes with a First Source agreement that promises to bring 80 new jobs with average salaries of over $30,000 annually,” said Mayor Brown.

Concord Textile is also now linked with global brand appliance maker ASKO of Sweden whose commercial washing machines will be retrofitted in Concord’s Buffalo facility to become 100% non-toxic and non-polluting.

Boris Dawudian, President of Concord, said “We have finalized agreements today to modify existing ASKO washing machines and ship these hybrid “green” machines around the world.”

Concord expects to turn out 10,000 units from Buffalo in 2010.  They will use 42% less energy and 60% less water than their conventional counterparts in the industry—and be 100% non toxic and non-polluting. The hybrid machines will carry the brand name of “ASKO Concord.

Concord’s elimination of hazardous materials in garment cleaning with high quality results from this next generation wet cleaning technology holds promise to revolutionize the industry.