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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2009 Archives > July 2009 > Mayor Brown Announces New Recycling Initiatives

Mayor Brown Announces New Recycling Initiatives

Contact: Peter K. Cutler

Summer Youth Green Team and Poster Contest to Encourage Increased Recycling Efforts for Residents of All Ages

Mayor Byron W. Brown today announced the formation of a Summer Youth Green Team to promote the city’s new recycling outreach project.  The Green Team, which is a collaboration of efforts by the City of Buffalo’s Division of Youth Services, Department of Public Works, the Buffalo Employment and Training Center and the Block Clubs and Neighborhood Associations, will train and supervise over 100 youth in the City of Buffalo. 

The Green Team will be made up of selected participants from the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program.  Team members will be taught proper recycling procedures that they will spread throughout their communities to encourage increased recycling efforts of area residents.  They will also be educated on a wide range of civic, environmental and sustainable issues.

“Increasing our rate of recycling is an important way to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Mayor Brown.  “Our implementation of the Green Team will serve as an effective way to educate all residents, both young and old, on the importance of recycling.”

On Earth Day 2009, the Brown Administration announced its goal to increase the City of Buffalo’s recycling rate 3 per cent by Earth Day 2010.  This increase will save the city nearly $200,000 in garbage handling costs; it will also help to encourage economic development, as recycling creates six times more jobs than landfill processing.

“Even the slightest increase in our city-wide recycling efforts can dramatically improve our local ecosystem and quality of life through saved tax dollars and new jobs,” said Mayor Brown.

In addition to reaching out to residents in all 5 of the city’s garbage districts, the Green Team will make appearances at high traffic areas throughout the city, such as grocery stores and community centers, to distribute information and recycling boxes.  This initiative will educate city residents about recycling and encourage them to take active roles to increase our overall recycling rates.

“Placing teens from our Summer Youth Employment Program in this Green Team is a great way to educate the youth of our city about the importance of recycling, and afford them the opportunity to share that information with their peers and have a greater impact on their community,” said Otis T. Barker, Director of Youth Services for the City of Buffalo.

Although only 120 students from the Summer Youth Employment Program will be trained for the Green Team, approximately 3,500 youth participants will receive a 30 minute orientation on recycling.  This will provide all participants will the basic knowledge to not only improve their own recycling habits, but to encourage their families, friends and neighbors to do the same.

In an effort to encourage even more of the city’s youth to become environmentally conscious, the City of Buffalo and the Buffalo Public Schools have joined together to sponsor a recycling-themed poster contest for students in grades 1-12, residing in the City of Buffalo. 

From over 200 entries, twelve semi-finalists were selected to have their artwork displayed in the lobby of City Hall; they also received goodie bags filled with fun and environmentally friendly prizes.  The grand prize winner, which will be announced during Mayor Brown’s press conference, will have the honor of having his/her artwork incorporated into the City of Buffalo’s marketing campaign, and their poster will appear throughout the city.

“This is yet another way to engage our students in productive activities that will benefit our community for years to come,” said Mayor Brown.  “In addition to showcasing their great artistic talent, it highlights the importance of preserving our environment and the efforts we must make to keep our communities healthy. I believe that focusing a fun and educational program toward youth is one of the best ways to encourage and increase recycling, which is why my Administration has tailored these recycling programs to our city youth.”

To further promote these recycling efforts, the City of Buffalo has partnered with the Buffalo Bisons for a special Recycling Day at Coca-Cola Field on July 30th.  This event, sponsored by Twin City Recycling, will highlight work done locally to promote recycling.

“The Buffalo Bisons are proud to see the Keep Our Field Green Initiative getting support from the fans and the City of Buffalo,” said Mike Buczkoski, Vice President and General Manager of the Buffalo Bisons.  “We have partnered with Try-It Distributing and Anheuser-Busch Recycling to provide 70 recycling bins throughout Coca-Cola Field and also are looking forward to partnering with Twin Village Recycling and the Mayor’s Summer Youth Green Program which will hold a Recycling Day at the ballpark on July 30th during the Bison’s game.”

“It’s important for us all to remember the impact we have on our environment and to make strides toward reducing our carbon footprint,” said Mayor Brown.  “These initiatives are all geared to increase local awareness of our environment.  By encouraging residents to reduce consumption of natural resources and increase their recycling, we can fight global warming, reduce energy costs and create jobs.”