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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2010 Archives > May 2010 > TEXT TIPS to BPD Anonymously

TEXT TIPS to Buffalo Police Department Anonymously

Text-A-TipNew Program Allows You to TEXT TIPS to BPD Anonymously Program will start Wednesday, May 26th at 8am

Mayor Byron W. Brown and the Buffalo Police Department unveiled a new program that allows YOU to anonymously and safely help fight crime by using your own cell phone.

The new program is called “Text a Tip” and the public will now be able to send information to the Buffalo Police Department via a text message from your own cell phone.

The new texting system expands on the highly successful Confidential TIPCALL Line where individuals can anonymously report suspicious activity, drug activity, and information pertaining to homicides or other violent crimes by calling (716) 847-2255.

That number spells out TIPCALL and it will be the same number when you Text a Tip to the Buffalo Police Department.

The program allows you to not only send tips by text message but also pictures and video of possible criminal activity.

Similar programs are already being used in cities such as; Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle.

If one specific case in Chicago, an alert bystander text a tip to the police department in connection with a sex offender that authorities were looking for. Minutes later that offender was off the streets and in police custody.

The Text a Tip program is most effective in connection with activity that will happen or already has happened.

Here are two examples: Students text police about an after-school fight BEFORE it happens or minutes after a shooting or some other type of incident, alert residents text police with key information.