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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2010 Archives > October 2010 > Mayor Brown Inspects City Snow Fighting Equipment

Mayor Brown Inspects City Snow Fighting Equipment

Contact: Peter K. Cutler
              (716) 851-4841 

Annual Inspection Signals Preparation for Winter Weather

Mayor Byron W. Brown today, joined by Department of Public Works Commissioner Steven Stepniak and Street Cleaning and Snow Removal Director Henry Jackson, conducted the annual inspection of Buffalo’s snow fighting fleet at the Department of Public Works Broadway Garage.

“Our snow fighters in the City of Buffalo are among the most effective and experienced professionals in the nation,” said Mayor Brown. “These individuals are extremely capable, and are prepared to take on any weather challenge that we may encounter during the oncoming winter season. Our residents and businesses can feel confident in the abilities of our skilled professionals and the specialized equipment, which together will provide the best snow fighting for any municipality in our region.”

The city snow fighting equipment includes the following 72 pieces of equipment:

56 truck plows
16 hi-lifts /plows

The City of Buffalo’s winter crew will be comprised of 67 truck drivers, equipment operators, and Heavy Equipment Operators. On November 8, 2010 the night crew will be increased from 8 drivers to 22 and first shift will have 37 drivers, and the second shift will be comprised of 8 operators and covered with 4 hours of overtime on both ends of the shift during snow events. In addition, the Department has the ability to call in trained drivers from the Sanitation Department personnel. The Department will also have the use of qualified drivers from various other departments during a snow emergency, for example Buffalo Parks or Engineering employees.

The city has 2,000 tons of salt in stock at the Broadway Garage and approximately 7,000 tons at the Department’s Fuhrmann Boulevard site.

“As a result of this year’s budget we will be adding 2 new wing plow vehicles to the fleet which will arrive later in the season,” said Commissioner Stepniak. “We will also be doing makeovers on nine of our 1998 smaller wing plows to make these double bladed 12 year old vehicles much more dependable, this will also allow us to be more effective with dealing with plowing conditions in the residential.  We also will be using some ‘V plows blades’ on some of our smaller plow trucks to help us with some of the narrow streets in the city.” 

“In addition to the GPS room at City Hall that monitors all of our snow fighting vehicles, we are in the middle of constructing and improving the Streets Operations office at the Broadway Garage that will serve as the control center for the streets department during snow events,” said Henry Jackson, Director of Director of Street Cleaning and Snow Removal.