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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2010 Archives > September 2010 > Mayor Brown Hosts 100,000th Call Celebration

Mayor Brown Hosts 100,000th Call Celebration

Contact: Peter K. Cutler
             (716) 851-5841


311 Call and Resolution Center Reaches Milestone Since 2008 Launch

Mayor Byron W. Brown today celebrated the City of Buffalo’s 311 Call and Resolution Center’s 100,000th service request. The 311 Call and Resolution Center is the non-emergency phone line (3-1-1) that serves all requests of Buffalo residents.

Since its launch in 2008, the 311 Call and Resolution Center has increased the number of service calls taken by 23%, decreased the time of resolution completion by 57%, hold time by 36% and number of lost calls by 88%. In effort to be more environmentally responsible, the Call Center began using email to forward resolution letters rather than paper, saving the City of Buffalo $11,642.79 in 2009.

“I’m extremely proud of progress this department has made since its launch in 2008. The 311 Call and Resolution Center has been a successful resource for meeting residents’ needs, and holding city departments accountable,” said Mayor Byron Brown. “This phone line enables citizens to voice their concerns on a variety of non-emergency issues, and it creates a more transparent, accessible, and accountable government system.  I’m pleased to see that the 311 staff is making this process more efficient and beneficial for all city residents.”

The celebration of this milestone for the 311 Call and Resolution Center coincides with the launch of the Center’s new Customer Satisfaction Initiative, which includes the following actions:

• Operation Call Back
• Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys
• Greater use of social media outlets

Operation Call Back will aim to assess the satisfaction of past callers. 311 operators will contact previous request callers at random to ask about their past experience with the 311 Call and Resolution Center.  All calls will be randomly, but evenly, selected from each city department. The Management Information Systems Department is has created a system to ensure efficient selection of callers. The Division of Citizen Services will use the information from the Call Backs to better monitor overall success of call responses and past caller satisfaction.

Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys will be a second method of measuring satisfaction of processed calls. There are two surveys that are utilized throughout the “life of the complaint,” or the time it takes for a service request to be completed, beginning with the initial call. The first is immediately emailed after a call is taken and logged into the system. This survey measures the customer’s satisfaction of the call, based on factors including professionalism and timeliness. After the first survey, an additional survey is distributed by email. This second survey rates the service of the complaint and if the issue was rectified adequately.

“Each day the 311 Call and Resolution Center sets a goal to decrease the hold times, eliminate lost calls, and increase overall helpfulness. We recognize that callers are concerned and are depending on us for helpful information,” said Oswaldo Mestre, Director of the Division of Citizen Services. “The 311 Call and Resolution Center has assisted community residents to re-establish block clubs, reduce drug activity, clear blighted lots, board up abandoned or rodent infested homes, and improve our residents’ quality of life. The 311 Call and Resolution Center will continue to find new and better ways to serve our residents.”

In June 2010, the Public Technology Institute (PTI) designated nine local governments from across the U.S., including the City of Buffalo, as “Citizen-Engaged Communities” for their efforts to provide the public with multi-channel (web, civic media, Interactive Voice Response, 311/call agents) access to government services and information.

For more information, please contact the Mayor’s 311 Call and Resolution Center by dialing 3-1-1 or (716) 851-4890.