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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2011 Archives > December 2011 > Hutch Tech Wins Big In Anti-Bullying Text Pledge Campaign

Hutch Tech Wins Big In Anti-Bullying Text Pledge Campaign

Contact: Lorey Schultz  (716) 851-5545
Contact: Ebony Douglass (716) 851-5956

                  Buffalo High School Students Pledge to Take a Stand Against Bullying

Mayor Byron W. Brown announced today that Hutchinson Central Technical High School won the “Anti-Bullying Text Pledge Challenge”.  Since the start of school, citywide high school students, who wanted to make a pledge against bullying, were asked to text the name of their school mascot to 567890.  In total, AT&T received 541 unique student pledges, 219 came from Hutch Tech.

“I am so proud of these students and the message they are sending against bullying.  Of the total number of students who texted in an anti-bullying pledge, 40% came from this school alone,” said Mayor Byron Brown.  “This campaign has proved that these students are committed to ending bullying and making it a thing of the past.”

The City partnered with the Buffalo Sabres and AT&T on the texting campaign.  Hutch Tech students learned of their victory when Mayor Brown, Buffalo Sabres Forward Derek Roy, and Bruce Saunders, AT&T Director of Sales Operations Western New York, showed up unexpectedly at their school assembly earlier this afternoon. 

“AT&T is proud to be part of the Mayor’s efforts to get students involved and mobilized against bullying,” said Saunders. “We congratulate the students of Hutchinson Central Tech for winning the anti-bullying text pledge contest and we hope they will continue to spread the word to stop bullying.”

New York State enacted a new law in 2010, “Dignity for all Students Act”, that states all students have a civil right to obtain an education without being discriminated.  The Dignity Act will not take effect until July 1, 2012. A statewide task force will be developing guidelines and model programs for schools to adapt for their students and staff, until that date.

“We are creating an atmosphere where bullying is not cool.  We want students to know that bullying will not be tolerated in school.  Victims and bystanders have a place to go. They are not alone”, stated Crystal Rodriguez, Executive Director, Commission on Citizen’s Rights and Community Relations.

Mayor Brown began this Anti-Bullying Initiative last January with the goal of eliminating bullying in the City of Buffalo.  Part of the initiative included a Public Service Announcement featuring Mayor Brown, Derek Roy, and Robert Holliday, AT&T Vice President.  The anti-bullying PSA can be found on the City’s website., or Mayor Brown’s Facebook Page.