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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2013 Archives > October 2013 > Mayor Brown Honors Recipients Of The 2013 Mayor's Hispanic Heritage Awards

Mayor Brown Honors Recipients Of The 2013 Mayor's Hispanic Heritage Awards

October 15, 2013 - Mayor Byron Brown today announced the recipients of the 2013 Mayor’s Hispanic Heritage Awards, an honor that is part of the city’s observance of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Buffalo is blessed by the influences of many talented people and Hispanic Heritage Month is a wonderful opportunity for us all to develop more meaningful relationships with the many neighbors and friends who help to make our city unique,” said Mayor Brown.  “This year’s award recipients highlight the educational achievements and contributions of Buffalo’s Hispanic community, which is growing more every year.”

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually throughout the United States from Sept. 15th to Oct. 15th and pays homage to the culture, tradition and contributions of American citizens with Hispanic roots. 

The following awards were announced for 2013:

  1. Dr. Tamara Alsace, Director of Multi-Lingual Education, Buffalo Public Schools
  2. Rafael J. Perez, Assistant Principal, Herman Badillo School #76
  3. Miguel Medina, Principal, Bilingual Center School #33
  4. Eunice Lewin, Trustee, SUNY Board of Trustees
  5. Luis Chiesa, Professor of Law, University at Buffalo Law School
  6. Dr. Will Keresztes, Associate Superintendent for Educational Services, Buffalo Public Schools
  7. Mrs. Marissa Lopez, Pre-K Teacher, Frederick Law Olmsted School #156
  8. Ms. Darlene Mercado, Supervisor of Counseling and Advisement, Educational Opportunity Center
  9. Dr. Daniel C. Velez, Associate Vice President for Student Success, SUNY Buffalo State
  10. Elsie Estrada Pacheco (posthumous), Counselor, Educational Opportunity Program, University at Buffalo
  11. Dr. Awilda E. Ramos Zagarrigo, Associate Professor, SUNY Buffalo State
  12. Heidy Honrado, Academic Counselor, Educational Opportunity Center
  13. Marcelina Rondon, Academic/Senior Counselor, University at Buffalo
  14. Dr. M. Fernanda Astiz, Director of Latin American Studies, Canisius College