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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2014 Archives > November 2014 > Recommended 2015 Capital Budget

Recommended 2015 Capital Budget


$26 million plan reflects the administration’s top priorities with targeted investments that spur additional economic growth and opportunity for all Buffalo residents; continues investments in public safety, infrastructure improvements, our children and neighborhoods, while continuing to move Buffalo in a progressive direction

November 10, 2014 - Mayor Byron W. Brown today announced his Fiscal Year 2015 Proposed Budget Plan, which includes $26 million in funding for new and ongoing projects that further build on the city’s future. 

The capital plan emphasizes the strategic use of infrastructure improvements to further promote economic development in Buffalo, where over $5 billion in new economic development activity is underway creating over 12,000 new jobs.  It also promotes continued neighborhood revitalization and public safety.

“This is an exciting time for our city and this capital plan builds on those earlier successes, enabling us to further improve our city’s infrastructure, make our neighborhoods safer and stronger as we continue to raise the quality of life for all City of Buffalo residents,” said Mayor Brown.  “These capital projects, including a major commitment to the former Central Park Plaza area, will continue the momentum in Buffalo and have a major impact on our neighborhoods as we make additional investments in citizen priorities. Together, we can look forward to the continued revitalization these dollars will bring.”

Mandated by the City Charter to be submitted by the Mayor on or before November 1st, the Common Council has until December 15th to adopt the recommended capital budget. 

“In recommending individual expenditures, my administration has thoroughly reviewed the recommendations of the Citizens Planning Council (CPC), which evaluated more than $68 million in requests for capital spending,” stated Mayor Brown.  “As evidenced by the attached budget, I have adhered closely to the recommendations of the Citizens Planning Council.  I’m confident, if the Common Council accepts these recommendations, that these capital investments will enhance and strengthen our city neighborhoods and residents for years to come.”

A few highlights of Mayor Brown’s 2015 recommended Capital Budget include:

Investing in Infrastructure to spur economic growth, job creation
The $26 million spending plan supports $6 million in city-wide infrastructure improvements, as well as additional funding for a major makeover in the former Central Park Plaza area.  To further enhance a new $70 million housing development – the largest of its kind on the East Side in modern history – this plan calls for $1.2 million in streetscape improvements to the Fillmore-Leroy neighborhood.  Also, an additional $802,500 has been allocated for streetscape work on Genesee Street to complement the new wave of development in this revitalized commercial, residential corridor that not only serves as the gateway to downtown Buffalo and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus but is also home to Catholic Health’s new headquarters, as well as new restaurants, retail and housing.

Investing in Public Safety
Mayor Brown continues his public safety commitment by allocating $2.1 million for the purchase of state-of-the-art Fire Apparatus, including the purchase of two pumpers and one ladder truck.  Last year, Mayor Brown completed a $15.3 million investment in the Buffalo Fire Department, replacing the entire fleet for the first time in the city’s history.

Investing in city-owned assets
This plan also includes $3.2 million for city-owned building improvements, including a unique investment for Kleinhans Music Hall in recognition of its 75th anniversary.  Mayor Brown today unveiled his intention to hire a first-ever fundraising consultant for the City of Buffalo to help coordinate public-private partnerships as part of his overall strategy to further strengthen existing city-owned cultural assets by leveraging increased foundation and private contributions, using Kleinhans as a pilot project to further position Buffalo as a premier global cultural destination. By designating a consultant to coordinate fundraising efforts, the city hopes to leverage additional resources from the private sector to bolster capital repairs at Kleinhans this year.

Investing in arts and cultural organizations
$1.6 million in funding was also set aside for arts and cultural organizations in Buffalo, including $267,500 for the Buffalo Zoo’s Reptile House Roof Replacement and $205,440 for the stage utilized by Shakespeare in Delaware Park, as well as additional funding for Coca-Cola Field, Theater of Youth and libraries.

Other highlights of Mayor Brown’s 2015 Recommended Capital Budget include:Recommended 2015 Capital Budget

  • City-wide Infrastructure Reconstruction     $6,000,000
    (Including $2 million for Council District – Specific projects)
  • Municipal Building Improvements, including:     $3,224,407
    (Including Apollo Media Center Marquee, City Court, Kleinhans Music Hall)
  • Demolitions of Buildings/Structures      $2,500,000
  • Purchase of new state-of-the-art Fire Apparatus    $2,113,250
  • Arts & Cultural Organizations, including:     $1,601,291
    • Monument Restoration
    • Citywide Libraries
    • Buffalo Museum of Science
    • Delaware Park Stage (Shakespeare in Delaware Park)
    • Allendale Theater (Theater of Youth)
    • Buffalo Zoo
  • Niagara Street Gateway/Phase 2, 4      $1,444,500
  • Highland Park Road Construction (Phase I):     $1,219,800
    (Former Central Park Plaza area)
  • Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus      $1,091,400
  • Genesee Gateway Improvements      $802,500
  • Citywide Parks Improvements:       $674,100
    (Schiller Park, LaSalle Park)
  • Erie Basin Marina Rehabilitation      $535,000
  • Coca-Cola Field Improvements      $500,000
  • Citywide Bridge Rehabilitation       $500,000
    (Elk Street Bridge, Ohio Street Bridge, South Park Loop Bridge)
  • Division of Street Vehicles       $500,000
  • Kenmore Avenue Improvements       $449,400
  • Shoreline Trail Rehabilitation       $428,000

“I thank the members of the Citizens Planning Council for their dedication and commitment to analyzing this critically important information, which will have a lasting and beneficial impact on the City,” said Mayor Brown.  “I look forward to working with the Common Council and the City Comptroller in enacting this Capital Budget.”