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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2015 Archives > August 2015 > NFJC Supports Opportunity Pledge

NFJC Supports Opportunity Pledge

Mayor Brown thanks the leadership and staff of the National Federation for Just Communities for joining individuals and organizations across Buffalo in signing the pledge

August 19, 2015 – As momentum continues to build for the City of Buffalo Opportunity Pledge, Mayor Byron Brown was pleased to welcome support from the leadership of the National Federation for Just Communities (NFJC).  NFJC President Lana Benatovich and NFJC Board Members, including Board Chair John Horn, traveled to Buffalo City Hall to sign the pledge today.  NFJC’s mission is to overcome racism, bias, and bigotry by building a just and inclusive community through education, advocacy and engagement. Those are also the core values of the Buffalo Opportunity Pledge

“As economic growth and opportunity continues in Buffalo, it’s important that all residents and business owners benefit from the city’s rising prosperity,” said Mayor Brown.  “I thank the leadership of the National Federation for Just Communities for signing the Buffalo Opportunity Pledge, a reflection of their continued commitment to helping us build a culture of diversity, inclusion and equity in Buffalo.”
NFJC Board Chairman Horn stated, “We applaud Mayor Brown and the city for its leadership on recognizing the paramount importance of shared opportunity. For more than 60 years, the NFJC has advocated and educated around issues of inclusiveness in the public square and equal access to opportunity for all people. Buffalo in 2015 is dynamic, energized and poised for great things. But for the city to reach its fullest potential, we must come together to ensure that this rising tide does indeed lift all boats, not just the biggest ships.”

NFJC President Benatovich stated, "The NFJC is proud to partner with so many organizations that support and promote inclusion and diversity.  We encourage building "one Buffalo" as a strong and prosperous community that respectfully embraces our differences and in our daily work encourage others to do the same.  Thank you Mayor Brown for continuing to shine a light on the importance of such initiatives in every sector of WNY and we look forward to being an instrumental part of Buffalo's growth and to the lasting commitment to people of all races, cultures, religions, sexes, and sexual orientation!"

The Buffalo Opportunity Pledge, part of an initiative that is moving Buffalo toward the goal of shared prosperity for all residents, kicked into high gear last month with the debut of the newly designed logo for the pledge. To date, 2,533 individuals and 105 organizations have signed the pledge, with additional organizations requesting and scheduling ‘signing events’ with Mayor Brown in the weeks to come.

The pledge initiative continues Mayor Brown’s efforts to break down barriers for minorities and women that includes the hiring of the most diverse workforce in the city’s history, as well as incorporating community benefits into many of the city’s largest economic development projects. 

The City of Buffalo Opportunity Pledge encourages businesses, organizations and residents to commit to building a culture of inclusion and equality in Buffalo.  View and sign the pledge at: