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Home > Leadership > Mayor > Archived Press Releases > 2015 Archives > August 2015 > New Public Art In Elmwood Village

New Public Art In Elmwood Village

AT&T gifts newly installed public art piece to City of Buffalo

August 19, 2015 – Mayor Byron Brown, joined by AT&T, representatives from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, members of the Buffalo City Council and the Buffalo Arts Commission, unveiled a newly installed public art sculpture entitled “Eden” at a press conference today in the Elmwood Village.  The 1987 bronze work was gifted to the City of Buffalo by AT&T.

"Buffalo is rich with artistic works and I encourage residents and visitors to enjoy Buffalo’s growing ‘Outdoor Museum’,” said Mayor Brown.  “Buffalo’s public art collection is a reflection of our city’s diversity and vibrant cultural identity.  I thank AT&T for its commitment to Buffalo and helping us further promote public artwork, a highly cost-effective way of driving and expanding our economic revitalization efforts.”

Mayor Brown has been working in partnership with the Buffalo Arts Commission and the Albright-Knox public art initiative to further strengthen the City’s public art program.  He graciously accepted this gift from the corporate art collection of AT&T.

“AT&T is proud to present this original work of art to the City of Buffalo – a sculpture from which we hope residents and visitors will draw enjoyment and inspiration,” said Marissa Shorenstein, New York president, AT&T. “Eden complements the various magnificent statues and sculptures that are found throughout the city, while contributing to the momentum of the robust public art movement in the region.  Public art is an essential component of enhancing great cities such as Buffalo and we couldn’t be happier that Eden has found a home in the Queen City. ”

The sculpture “Eden”, a bronze piece made up of two components, is the work of renowned contemporary artist Judith Shea, who traveled to Buffalo to attend today’s event. She’s been a practicing artist for over 30 years.  Trained as a fashion designer, she has used clothing to explore the nature and history of a sculpture.    “Eden” is an example of one of her best known series of works in bronze in which she creates two empty clothing forms in the shape of a man and a woman, suggesting figures that are not present.  The work stands approximately five feet tall and is now located at the intersection of Elmwood Avenue, Bidwell Parkway and Potomac.

AT&T’s corporate art collection consists of paintings, prints, sculptures and photography from a broad spectrum of artists with a variety of approaches. The collection was established in 1985 and has grown exponentially since its inception through numerous mergers and acquisitions. In the past five years, AT&T has gifted more than 200 works of art valued at over $750,000 to communities, nonprofits and charitable organizations around the country.  “Eden” is the single most valuable work of art that has been gifted to a community or organization in New York State from AT&T’s corporate art collection.

"The Buffalo Arts Commission is pleased to have such a fine piece of work be added to the City of Buffalo Art Collection through the generosity of AT&T,” said Catherine Gillespie, Chair of the Buffalo Arts Commission.  “As Buffalo continues its magnificent recovery, it is especially important that public art has prominent visibility. This project has been underway for several years and involved the cooperation of many different city departments.  The Arts Commission has been grateful for the supportive efforts of the Mayor's office and the Department of Public works."

The sculpture is attached to a concrete base that was recently installed by Titan Development.  There is a dedicatory plaque affixed to the base that gives recognition to AT&T and artist Judith Shea.